Our company is staffed with certified coders to ensure that you bill the right code(s) to the highest level of specificity in order to maximize the billing and collection performance of your medical practice.
You’ll find our rates are reasonable. But, when you factor in the money we will save you in areas such as, staff time, staff benefits, and other related expenses you’ll see the economic benefits when you outsource you’re billing to us.

Whether you are an established medical practice or just starting a practice. We look forward to discussing your medical billing and coding needs.

As a professional, it is our responsibility to:

  • Provide accurate, honest and timely information to my Provider.
  • Never disclose personal, medical, or financial information about my Provider without consent.
  • Provide patient information only to those insurers, government agencies, healthcare providers, or facilities necessary for the prompt payment of health insurance claims for my Provider.
  • Never willingly or knowingly be a party to the submission of fraudulent claims information to insurers or government agencies.
  • Advance my knowledge through continuing education for the betterment of my profession.
  • Avoid conflict of interest situations through open and honest dialog with my provider.
  • Maintain current knowledge of applicable laws and regulations and observe them in the practice of my profession.